The most important end-user features

statistics on families Rare !
Excel export for data Rare !
consanguinity Trees Rare !
big cousins,big oncles et aunts Rare !
brothers et sisters display in all trees
dynamic cartography (US and France only)
  • display and print events on maps
  • kml files generated
  • possibility to add old town, which does not exist anymore
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • sources et notes always visible
  • no right clic (only left clic)
  • no seizure
  • no pop up windows, except to display pictures
  • mixte tree is home for a base (less of clics)
  • search bar on all lists
  • very little administration
  • The most important technical features

    big size management
  • illimited gedcom file size is authorise and timeout PHP is manage
  • The object of attentive care is the SQL star shema, which guarantees constant response times
  • PDF Reports
  • no overlappings
  • gedcom upload
  • many tests was made among many different files resulting from variety software
  • automatic detection of places format
  • proposition of the best central individual