The most important end-user features

consanguinity report about principal individual Exclusive !
display of big cousins,big oncles et aunts Exclusive !
dynamic cartography (US and France only)
special brothers et sisters display Exclusive !
  • in dynamic ascendancy, descendancy et mixt trees
  • in report PDF for ascendancy and mixt trees
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • sources et notes always visible
  • no right clic (only left clic)
  • no seizure
  • no pop up windows
  • asecendant tree is home for a base (less of clics)
  • name's list is is entry point for name researches (less of clics)
  • name and places lists are displayed according to volume of the base
  • no administration

    The most important technical features

    big size management
  • illimited gedcom file size is authorise and timeout PHP is manage
  • The object of attentive care is the SQL star shema, which guarantees constant response times
  • PDF Report
  • no overlappings
  • gedcom upload
  • many tests was made among many different files resulting from variety software
  • automatic detection of places format
  • proposition of the best central individual
  • gedcom comparison
  • two results : common ancestors "sures" and "to verify"
  • significant results - > no long and difficulty exploitable lists
  • for France, geneotree is implemented a franch soundex
  • cartography
  • map personalized by individual (for every ancesdancy tree, descendancy tree, first name ou last name)
  • map interactivity individuals zooms by places